Privacy Policy

This is a personal blog. I have no marketing department, I care about your privacy, and I am not selling your data to anyone. However there are some things I have to warn you about.

Server Logs

The typical webserver functionality is to log information about every request. The data saved is: time, ip, request url and User-Agent header (usually contains browser name, version and platform).

These logs are used to automatically ban vulnerability scanners and other harmful robots. Also they are used for manual check when something bad happened (like DDoS-attack).

I do not give away these records to anyone. Old log files are deleted eventually.


I use umami to get aggregated statistics of website usage.

Umami does not collect any personally identifiable information and anonymizes all data collected. Users cannot be identified and are never tracked across websites. Umami doesn't install cookies. Also it is self-hosted so no third party gets access to analytics data.

Comment Engine

I use Remark42 as a comment engine. It is open source and privacy focused. It saves the minimum amount of information required to be able to show comments. This information is name, avatar (to be shown with comment message) and your id in service you used to login (to understand it's still you when you log in next time). Id is hashed so there's no easy way for me to find profile you used to login.

You can find more details about privacy in Remark42 here and you can check it's source code to be sure.


This website uses cookies to work properly. Cookies are small pieces of information your browser sends to server with every request. Usually it's the only way to determine whether two requests are sent from same browser. Here's the list of cookies used on this website:

External sites

This site contains a lot of links to other websites. You can see some of them even on this page.

Even when I am trying not to link to harmful websites, I am not responsible for what happens to you on other sites. This privacy policy doesn't cover them and they should have their own privacy policies.

The Internet is dark and full of terrors. Consider yourself warned.


If you have questions on privacy policy - you can contact me with email to