Font Awesome icons for common buttons

Font Awesone is cool but it is sometomes hard to find the icon you really need because you forgot how it's called. And you have to look at every icon to find something you need.

Here's the names of icons for common buttons and operations.

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Published at 2014-07-07

Tags: Cheat Sheet, Font Awesome

Yii 1.1 does not support object cloning

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not clone Yii objects
I'm telling you why
Object cloning is coming to town not supported in Yii 1.1.

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Published at 2014-06-26

Tags: PHP, Yii, Bugs

urmaul/url to make urls absolute and stuff

Copy-pasting two functions between projects is boring so I've created a GIANT COMPOSER PACKAGE with class with these two functions. It can convert relative urls to absolute and to add get parameters to urls. It's called urmaul/url.

Published at 2014-06-04

Tags: PHP, My Library, URLs

Creating an API documentation in Swagger using YAML

UPD: I wrote this for swagger v1.2. Stuff has changed since then. Now swagger supports single-file YAML specifications, so making them is easier now. What a time to be alive!

A few days ago was the first time I created a REST API documentation. This is the report on how I did it.

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Published at 2014-06-02

Tags: PHP, REST, API, Yii, Documentation, Swagger, YAML, JSON

Mysql formats for some data types

Proper mysql column types for things like emails, coorditates, password hashes and stuff like that.

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Published at 2014-05-23

Tags: Cheat Sheet, MySQL

Free bootstrap admin themes

You don't really care how admin panel looks like, yeah?

Bootstrap allows you to create not-so-ugly UI elements but you still have to assemble them into templates.

But there's some free admin themes for bootstrap that are already designed.

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Published at 2014-05-22

Tags: Links, Bootstrap, UI

Inline PDF in html page

A piece of php code for inserting pdf files into html pages.

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Published at 2014-05-21


Cartograpther - a PHP component to generate sitemaps

Some info about a good tool for creating sitemap.xml files and some tips about how to use it.

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Published at 2014-05-15

Tags: PHP, SEO

Disabling autocomplete

Browsers are so smart they are trying to fill forms for you. And sometimes this is bad.

Html5 provides an attribute autocomplete="on|off" to prefent browsers filling fields for you. And you should add autocomplete="off" to inputs in cases like these:

  • "Set password", "Change password" and "Retype password" fields.
  • Captcha field.
  • Credit card number.

Sometimes you need to do it for security reasons. Sometimes it just makes your forms more comfortable.

Published at 2014-05-13

Tags: HTML, Security, Usability, UI