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January 2021

Solution for Project Euler Problem #700: Eulercoin

December 2020

Generating CI/CD pipelines for microservices with Yeoman

November 2020

A good way how to validate types in TypeScript

July 2020

A story about rubber ducks and functional programming

April 2020

Sudoku Solver in Scala Part 3: Generating cross-dependent test data
Sudoku Solver in Scala Part 2: Functions compose, methods don't
Sudoku Solver in Scala Part 1: Validated types

September 2019

PHP doesn't want you to do microservices

May 2019

Functional FizzBuzz in Scala with streams and higher order functions

March 2019

React Styleguidist usage examples in typescript files

January 2018

Finding overlap among groups of date ranges

December 2017

Running bash commands in parallel

November 2017

Difference between entities and value objects from philosophy perspective

October 2017

3 ways to make your API slow
How to make aliases for Symfony form fields

June 2016

Harmful technical interview questions

September 2015

Imagick resize filters comparison

April 2015

Nicolas Cage as default avatar

September 2014

How to attach composer to Yii project

August 2014

Why composer matters

July 2014

Font Awesome icons for common buttons

June 2014

Yii 1.1 does not support object cloning
urmaul/url to make urls absolute and stuff
Creating an API documentation in Swagger using YAML

May 2014

Mysql formats for some data types
Free bootstrap admin themes
Inline PDF in html page
Cartograpther - a PHP component to generate sitemaps
Disabling autocomplete